Can I have a totally vegan wedding?

Posted November 8, 2019 Weddings

Short answer, yes of course you can have a totally vegan wedding. One, it’s your wedding and you can do what you want. Two, we’re here to cater for your wedding exactly how you want it!

Veganism is far more popular than it ever has been before, and we welcome the change in people’s attitude to mass meat production and the effect it has on our planet. We like to provide a broad range of options for the many dietary requirements that are requested, so there are already loads of vegan options on our sample menus.

However, what if you want to go for it and go totally vegan for your wedding? We’ve catered for several completely plant-based weddings and events and have absolutely loved it. We’d advise to get lots of hearty, protein-based options in alongside the ones crafted from vegetables. Tofu, tempeh, beans and seitan – now is your moment.

We also believe that vegan absolutely does not have to mean boring, there’s so much scope for incorporating world cuisines and a myriad of tastes. We’re sure that we can even win over the die-hard meat eaters with options such as these dishes from a recent plant-based feast…

  • Tofu piccata –  baked with lemon, garlic, summer herbs and capers
  • Spicy Korean barbecue tempeh with kimchi salsa
  • Smoky quinoa, beetroot and dukkah balls with dill salsa verde
  • Pan-seared harissa tofu with saffron butter bean hummus
  • White bean, courgette and parsley fritters with kalamata tapenade
  • Pea, broad bean and mint croquettes with spring onion and cucumber relish
  • Seitan steak with sticky maple cider onions and mustard dressing
  • Shallot tart tatin
  • Paprika roasted whole carrots
  • Miso aubergine
  • Salsa verde-marinated corn on the cob
  • Lemon and garlic cauliflower steaks
  • Colcannon cakes
  • Red onion and thyme bhaji
  • Chilli-roasted broccoli
  • Onion ash-baked celeriac with tarragon vegannaise
  • Hazelnut and chilli Brussels sprouts
  • Toasted courgette with truffle oil

There’s sure to be something to charm every omnivore at your wedding!