Why is it called a Wedding Breakfast?

Posted November 8, 2019 Weddings

We’re not great traditionalists here at Q&W. You won’t find any cloches being whipped away from plates by waiters in tailcoats.

However, some traditions are so meaningful that we think they’re worth carrying on.

Take the term Wedding Breakfast. Clients often ask us why the meal at a wedding is called a breakfast. To some it sounds too formal or old fashioned for the relaxed, modern wedding they’re planning. We totally understand that.

But it’s referred to as ‘breakfast’ as the couple are starting a new day together from the moment of their marriage, whatever time of day that happens to be. The wedding feast is their first meal as newlyweds. Traditionally, couples used to fast from the night before their wedding, only breaking the fast after their vows.

We always feel so honoured to prepare such a significant meal for our couples. Sharing the first food with all the people you love around you is so special.

Whatever you choose to call it!